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About Me

About Me

Originally from Tacoma, Washington, I left the Northwest for the east coast to attend Villanova University. During my junior year, I took a semester away to intern at CNN’s Washington, D.C. Bureau. That internship was all I needed to know about what I wanted to do with my life.  It was then and there I realized my interest and passion in current affairs, world issues, communication, and research – and moreover – how they all interrelate.


After graduation, I was hired as a news producer in Washington, D.C., and tasked with helping open a Washington News Bureau. As a fresh-faced newcomer to the D.C. scene, I had the job of making our presence known in the area and getting to know the players who would eventually help land us “inside” stories.

I later transitioned to television documentary-making. After working on several smaller documentaries and true-crime-style television shows, I was hired by producers at National Geographic TV for an Explorer episode about MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha), which was the opportunity of a lifetime. After the completion of “World’s Most Dangerous Gang," I was given more opportunities at National Geographic TV and worked on several more of their productions, including a long-running stint on World’s Toughest Fixes

After taking a break away to have my son, I was asked back to National Geographic TV but in a different capacity - they created a new role and wanted me to manage all of their associate producers. I was honored to have been chosen for such a large task and took it on with vigor! However, my body had other plans and I ended up having to scale back my work due to Lyme Disease, but, as they say, "...when God closes a door, He opens a window." My illness took me aback but taught me a lot. For me, the window that opened when I was hired by NHNZ to research & write for I Survived... I was tasked with finding stories of amazing survival and speaking with the survivors themselves... this opened up a new way of thinking for me and also shed a light on a passion I didn't realize was inside me: the love of research and investigation.


After working for NHNZ, I was hired by other companies to research and write pitches for various crime programs. Eventually, I became a regular at Sirens Media in Silver Spring, MD. Within a few years, Sirens promoted me to Research Manager. I revel in researching cases and finding the "unfindable." While researching true crimes can be dark and difficult, given that we are contacting families to discuss what is likely the worst thing that has happened to them in their lives, I find that it can also be incredibly uplifting and insightful. 

All of my experiences have taught me how to think on my toes, look at situations from varying perspectives, negotiate tricky situations, adapt to change, learn quickly, and communicate clearly.  


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