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Resume & Credits



Skilled manager, booking/research producer, & private investigator with 20 years of experience working in television & documentary films.

Research & OSINT: Highly skilled researcher who revels in finding the “unfindable” and delving into intriguing topics. Experienced with Lexis/Nexis, TLO, Pacer, and web-based research. Ace at triangulating databases and internet resources to find people & information.


Management & Organization: Highly organized self-starter, develop organizational systems (training tools, manuals & templates), train & oversee personnel, maintain intranet & databases, and wiz with licensing & legal affairs.

Curiosity: Care about people, communities & their stories, ability to interview & speak comfortably with anyone from law enforcement to gang members.


Booking/Interviewing: Excellent communicator, skilled cold caller, and booker. Experience working with talent. 


Writing: Scripts for television, program development & research pitches. Reports for investigations. Unique ability to take complicated topics and translate them for the layperson. 


Work Experience

Work Experience

2021 - PRESENT


Category 6 Media Group

  • Manage between 3 to 30 researchers for true-crime & investigative programming.

  • Provide lead research functions and advise on developing and new series.

  • Hire and oversee the management of research producers.

  • Develop and implement policies, standards, and procedures for researchers.

  • Oversaw development of massive Airtable database.

  • Train incoming research producers on systems.

  • Identify ways to improve efficiency in true-crime research to save time and money, and meet deadlines whilst maintaining high-quality deliverables.

2020 - PRESENT


Olympic Tactical & Investigations

  • WA State Unarmed Private Investigator License #20107577

  • Member of the Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators (PNAI)

  • Search computer databases, credit reports, public records, tax and legal filings, and other resources to locate persons and compile information for investigations.

  • Conduct personal background investigations, such as pre-employment checks, to obtain information about an individual's character, financial status, or personal history.

  • Gather, analyze, correlate, and evaluate information from a variety of open-source and restricted resources.

  • Write reports and case summaries to document investigations.

2013 - 2018


Sirens Media (Leftfield Entertainment/ITV)

Silver Spring, MD

  • Managed research department across all series, including development, for Washington, DC office (sometimes for the NYC office)

  • Managed between 3 to 18 researchers for true crime, investigative and reality programming

  • Provided lead research functions on developing and new series

  • Pitched & communicated with law enforcement personnel frequently, main point of contact for FBI within Sirens

  • Centralized and streamlined research to maximize efficiency and meet series deadlines & milestones

  • Developed and maintained research systems, databases, templates, and guidelines

  • Interviewed and evaluated potential new research/casting hires

  • Consulted with executives to address legal, content, & criteria concerns for development and continuing series programs

2013 - PRESENT


Two Coast Productions

Kris & Kyle, documentary about two young men with muscular dystrophy,

  • Co-directing & producing a documentary about two irreverent childhood friends with Spinal Muscular Atrophy

  • Lisa met Kris & Kyle while volunteering as a camp counselor for MDA Camps in high school



Research Supervisor: (partial list)

Cold Case Files, Category 6 Media, for A&E (2021-Present)

Interrogation Raw, Category 6 Media, for A&E (2021-Present)

Accidental Confession, Category 6 Media, for A&E (2022-Present)

First Blood, Category 6 Media, for A&E (2021-2022)

Cheap Eats, Sirens Media, Season 4 for Cooking Channel (2017)

Golden State Killer, Sirens Media, Development & Season 1 for ID (2016)

Killing Fields, Sirens Media,  Development & Seasons 1 & 2 for Discovery Channel (2014-2016)

Hostage, Sirens Media, Development & Season 1 for ID (2015)

Sons of Scientology, Sirens Media, Development & Season 1 for A&E (2015-2016)

Nightmare Next Door, Sirens Media,  Seasons 4, 5 & 6 for ID (2013-2016)

I Escaped My Killer, Sirens Media,  Development & Season 1 for LMN (2014)

Research Producer/Booker(partial list)

Anatomy of Murder, Weinberger Media, Podcast for Stitcher/Apple (2020)

True Conviction, Weinberger Media, Season 3 for ID (2020)

Dead Reckoning, Lion TV, Season 1 for ID (2019)

Hometown Homicide, Lion TV, Season 2 for ID (2019)

Diabolical, Lion TV,  Season 2 for ID (2018)

Snapped, Jupiter Entertainment, Season 24 & 25 for Oxygen (2018)

Murder in the Family, Earth TouchSeason 1 for Reelz Channel (2018)

Cold Hearted, Sirens Media, Season 1 for ID (2017)

I Survived…, NHNZ, Seasons 5 & 6 for Bio Channel (2012)

Nightmare Next Door, Sirens Media, Season 3 for ID (2012)

I Escaped… & I Thought I Was History, Development for NHNZ (2012)

Wicked Attraction, M2, Season 6 for ID (2012)

Deadly Affairs, Sirens Media,  Season 2 for ID (2013)

Southern Fried Homicide, Sirens Media, Season 1 for ID (2013)

Fact Checker:

The Dropout, Fox, limited series for Hulu/Disney (2020-2021) 

Wu-Tang: An American Saga, Fox, Season 2 for Hulu/Disney (2020-2021)

Writer/Series Coordinating Post Producer:

World's Toughest Fixes, NGTV, Seasons 1-4 for Nat Geo (2009-2011)

Series Associate Producer/Development:

Inside, “Miami International Airport,” NGTV, Season 2 for PBS (2007)

Inside, “Emergency Transplant,” NGTV, Season 2 for PBS (2007)


Series Associate Producer:

Inside, “Operation Wildfire,” NGTV, Season 2 for PBS (2008)

Inside, “Air Show,” NGTV, Season 2 for PBS (2007)

Inside, “Rio Carnival,” NGTV, Season 2 for PBS (2007)

Inside, “Lord of the Rings on Stage,” NGTV, Season 2 for PBS (2007)

Inside, “Tut’s Treasure Tour,” NGTV, Season 2 for PBS (2007)


Associate Producer: (partial list)

“Earth Overhaul”, NGTV, for Nat Geo (2011)

“Earth Report: State of the Planet”, NGTV, for PBS (2007)

 NOVA, “The Great Inca Rebellion”, NGTV,  for PBS/Nova (2007)

Explorer, “Ultimate Bear”, NGTV, for Nat Geo (2006)

Explorer, “World's Most Dangerous Gang”, NGTV, for Nat Geo (2005)

Psychic Detectives, Storyhouse Productions, Season 3 for Court TV (2005)

Education & Skills

Education & Skills


Villanova, Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Honors

Lambda Pi Eta


  • Interned at CNN’s Washington Bureau

  • Photo Credits include: The New York Times, The New York Post  & National Geographic Magazine

  • First-generation American


  • Extremely experienced in computer-based research

  • Proficient Spanish speaker

  • Proficient understanding of the U.S. legal system & criminal investigation process

  • FOIA & Carnets

  • Lexis/Nexis

  • TLO

  • Pacer

  • Airtable

  • Google Sites & applications

  • WordPress & Wix

  • Pilotware

  • Mac & Microsoft products



  • Domestic & International police departments

  • Prisons (Federal and state)

  • Universities

  • Embassies

  • Miami International Airport

  • Sea-Tac International Airport

  • American Airlines

  • United Airlines

  • The government of El Salvador

  • The U.S. government (including D.H.S., F.B.I., A.T.F.)

  • U.S. attorneys offices

  • U.S. military/Pentagon

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